Nationaal onderzoek naar interne social media

Now available in English: Our 2016 research report on the state of affairs of internal social media in the Netherlands

In 2016 Evolve looked for the second time into how far Dutch organisations have come with the use of internal social media. This research was first published in Dutch in the beginning of this year, and is now also available in English.

The goal of this bi-annual study is to provide a broad comparative overview of the current state of affairs. 117 organisations participated in this study, 91 of which indicated they were using internal social media.

Results 2014: organisations set out enthusiastically

Two years ago, the research results were in line with our practical experiences. On the one hand, we saw a lot of organisations that set out with internal communities enthusiastically and fully convinced of the added value, while, on the other hand it was clear that the industry was still in its infancy and that there was a lot of room for professionalisation.

Results 2016: increasingly professional, but still room for growth

Now, the structure of internal social media is becoming increasingly professional. The management and moderation of internal social platforms is better recorded formally and organisations define their goals better. Nevertheless, the goals still need to made measurable. There is also much to be gained by integrating internal social platforms into work processes.

Organisations compared on basis of maturity model

The participating organisations were compared on the basis of the maturity model for internal social media developed by Evolve. This model looks at the extent to which the four preconditions for success are engaged with per organisation: Usage, Effectiveness, Organisation and Integration into processes.

Download the English version of the report
“Internal social media in the Netherlands – the state of affairs” (pdf)

(Find the Dutch version here)